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22nd June, 2018 - 1.46pm: Chimney fire- A crew from Devizes attended a chimney fire on Close lan...Read more

22nd June, 2018 - 11.26am: Poole- A crew from Poole attended a small fire in the open on Ridgeway...Read more

22nd June, 2018 - 10:19am: Wareham- One crew from Swanage and one from Poole attended a domestic ...Read more

22nd June, 2018 - 10:18am: Shaftesbury- A crew from Shaftesbury attended a bin fire on Bimbport, ...Read more

22nd June, 2018 - 9.08am: Redcliffe- Crews from Wareham and Poole and a land rover from Hamworth...Read more

22nd June, 2018 - 7.55am: West Parley- A crew from Redhill attended a car fire on Glenmore road,...Read more

21st June, 2018 - 10.31pm: One pump from Redhill Park was mobilised to a report of a fire in the ...Read more

21st June, 2018 - 7.43pm: One pump from Ferndown and one pump from Redhill were mobilised to sev...Read more

21st June, 2018 - 7.14pm: One pump from Westbourne was mobilised to a report of a rubbish fire o...Read more

21st June, 2018 - 6.51pm: One pump from Corsham was mobilised to a report of a fire now out at a...Read more

Our performance and evaluation approach

We constantly measure our performance, to ensure that you are receiving the quality of service that you rightly expect from us. We have a defined approach which creates a clear line of sight between what we want to do and what results and outcomes we achieve.

Our outcomes are linked to the work of our partners and reported back to them and all our stakeholders.

Our approach to performance and evaluation sets out our how we do this and you can look at this by following this link: Our Approach to Performance and Evaluation

We report back to the Fire and Rescue Authority quarterly through their various committees, as well as to the full Authority every six months.

In addition, we have developed a corporate dashboard of performance, where you can look at what we are doing and how we are performing. This is currently being updated and will be available shortly.

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