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24th February, 2017 - 1.58pm: Crews from Ferndown and Redhill attended a fire out on arrival at a re...Read more

24th February, 2017 - 01.38am: One fire crew from Stratton have extinguished a motorbike fire in Grou...Read more

24th February, 2017 - 1056hrs: Crew from Salisbury extinguished a vehicle fire involving a transit va...Read more

24th February, 2017 - 1132hrs: Crews from Chippenham and Corsham attended a fire in a domestic proper...Read more

23rd February, 2017 - 10.16pm: Crews from Redhill Park and Springbourne attended a fire involving a t...Read more

23rd February, 2017 - 10.03pm: One crew from Springbourne and a fire officer have assisted at the sce...Read more

23rd February, 2017 - 09.37pm: Two fire crews from Salisbury have attended an alarm activation in the...Read more

23rd February, 2017 - 07.28pm: Crews from Malmesbury and Tetbury (Gloucestershire FRS) have attended ...Read more

23rd February, 2017 - 06.34pm: One crew from Springbourne were mobilised to alarms sounding at a shel...Read more

23rd February, 2017 - 5:28pm: 17:28 Springbourne crews attend to alarms sounding at a Residential pr...Read more

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