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Terms and conditions (Control)

Contracts/ shift working

The hours of duty average 42 hours per week and are worked on a shift system of two day duties, followed by two night duties, followed by four days off. A day duty commences at 0800 and finishes at 1800, whilst a night duty commences at 1800 and finishes at 0800 the next morning


All remuneration is paid in accordance with the National Joint Council (NJC) Conditions of Service for the Local Authorities Fire Services.

Trainee Firefighter (Control):

During your initial training course, you will have an annual salary of £22,641

Firefighter (Control) in Development:

Following completion of your initial training your salary will increase to £23,585

Competent Firefighter (Control):

Once you have successfully completed the relevant stages of your development, which is achievable in around 18 months to two years into your role, your salary will increase to £30,179

Pension Scheme

Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) – Enrolment into the appropriate pension scheme for all service employees which includes retirement options. Members of the schemes will benefit from a generous employer contribution.

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