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Help following an incident

We understand that experiencing something as unexpected as a fire, a collision, or any other form of rescue can be difficult, particularly if we have witnessed suffering or loss of life. Our own firefighters experience this difficulty on a daily basis and therefore as a service, we appreciate the impact the trauma an incident can have on our wellbeing. If you have been affected by an incident you have been involved in or witnessed, you may wish to seek further help or support. Whether this is simply someone to speak to or more practical support, we hope you will find guidance on this page.

Firstly, it may be helpful to discuss what has happened with someone you trust. Friends and family can offer great comfort and may be able to provide practical support. This might be something as simple as exploring the content on this page with you.

The next thing you might consider is speaking to your employer about what you have experienced. Many external factors affect our performance at work. Informing your immediate line manager of what happened and how you feel, will give them the opportunity to make reasonable adjustments. Your employer may also offer to refer you to other internal provision you may not have been aware of for support.

Have a look online for local community support groups. These are often well promoted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and can include online forums or physical meetings, sometimes both.

The following partners, charities and organisations may also be able to help. 

Following any incident

These organisations can offer mental health support:



If you have been specifically affected by a fire, gov.uk have some financial advice here:


Road Traffic Collisions

If you have been affected by a road traffic collision, please engage with your contact within the Police for further support. The following charities may also be able to help:

Brake https://www.brake.org.uk/
Road Peace https://www.roadpeace.org/

Water Rescue

The following organisations may be able to help anyone affected by a drowning or water rescue:


Animal Rescue

Following the loss of a pet or livestock, these organisations may be able to offer some comfort:


For a number of reasons, trauma and grief affect everyone differently. It is not unusual to experience feelings of hopelessness and despair but if you feel you need more support, it is important to speak to your GP.

If you know of any other organisations we should include on this page to help signpost our community following an incident, please contact us on [email protected]


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