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Practical Testing Assessments

Applicants on successful completion of all prior elements of the DWFRS Control recruitment process will be invited to attend an in-person assessment day at the DWFRS Support offices in Potterne. The assessment day should take between one and two hours to complete, subject to the number of applicants and proceedings on the day. The assessment day will be split into three assessments.

We will be adhering to Government Covid-19 safety measures to protect the health and welfare of our staff and candidates throughout the selection process.

Assessment 1 – Typing assessment.

This assessment will be an audio transcript read at 50 words per minute. This will be recorded using Word. All formatting, spellcheck and grammar will be turned off. There is no time limit for this test, it will be the length of the passage read at 50 words per minute for approximately 5 minutes.  The typing test will be conducted using a PC with a keyboard and keyboard cover, to simulate the Fire Control environment.  The pass mark is 90% accuracy at 30 words per minute.

Assessment 2, Part 1 – Aptitude test   

This will comprise of a list of facts; it will contain 20 facts that are relevant to the Fire Service. The list will contain information on Emergency Call Handling, Fire Service procedures and policies as well as general information such as appliance call signs and Fire Service structure. Some of the information in the list will be relevant for assessment 3 as information from this can be used to complete the practical assessment.

The applicants will be asked to read through the statement of facts and complete an online form containing 20 questions for which the candidate will need to extract the relevant information. There will be three options for each answer.

This test will be completed in a time-controlled environment, which will be timed at five minutes.

Assessment 2, part 2- Pre-Learning Test

This will be completed online using a form containing 22 questions relating directly to information provided in the pre-learning pack. This pre-learning pack will be sent out on successful completion of the psychometric testing. This test will not be timed; however, it should be no longer than 15 minutes.

Assessment 3 – Practical scenario

This will be completed using our training mobilising system and will test the ability to not only work through instructions but also test recall of information.

Reasonable adjustments can be considered and will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If you are successful in passing all of the three elements of the assessment day, you will be notified and invited through to interview.

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