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Online Psychometric Assessments

If candidates successfully meet all the initial eligibility criteria that is checked at the application stage, they will be invited to Stage 2 to complete online psychometric tests.

Candidates who are progressing to this stage will be sent a link to the Test Partnership system to access the relevant psychometric tests. A specific deadline will be set for completion of the assessments and it will be necessary for candidates to stick to the deadline provided.  Regrettably if a candidate is unable to complete the assessments by the deadline it will not be possible for them to be progressed further in the recruitment process. Candidates will be emailed regularly throughout the process therefore it is essential that candidates check their junk email on a daily basis throughout the process.

It is the intention to include the following assessments, which will be completed at home:

There will also be a requirement to complete a Verification test later in the process.

Please use the links to find out the more about the Verbal Reasoning and Concepts™ Critical Thinking and to take some sample tests:

 General Guidance and Information

All the online stages should be completed by the candidate, alone and unassisted on a computer, laptop or tablet. They are not compatible with a smartphone. Candidates should ensure that they have a stable internet connection when accessing and completing all the online stages. Checks will be undertaken at a later stage in the selection process to verify that you have completed these tests without assistance.

As you are aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is an evolving situation, and this means that elements of our process, or timescales, may need to change to accommodate new government restrictions and guidelines.  We will keep candidates updated and informed at all stages should any changes become necessary.

Please make note: due to the volume of applications received, we will not be able to provide candidates with individual results or feedback from the assessments completed.  


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