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Warning to take care with household chemicals

Date: 27th September, 2019

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has warned people to take care with household chemicals, following an incident last night (26 September).

The occupier inadvertently mixed two household chemicals in an attempt to unblock a sink, but the resulting mixture created a noxious gas, causing irritation to their eyes and breathing problems. Thankfully, the property’s occupants were able to leave the home safely.

Fire crews using breathing apparatus and chemical gloves were able to ventilate the property while removing and safely disposing of the remaining chemicals.

Station Manager James Plumley, a hazardous materials officer who attended the incident, said: “Chemicals can be harmful substances, no matter if you are a home or in a lab. However, home chemical use can be very dangerous, especially if chemicals are mixed by homeowners, either intentionally or unintentionally. Mixing chemicals can create explosions and noxious gasses, both of which could cause injuries or death. Therefore, homeowners are strongly advised not to mix any household chemicals and always read the label prior to use, to ensure that the correct safety measures are followed.”

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