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Parents and carers

You will want to make sure that children are always safe. This includes teaching them how to prevent fire and what to do if there is one.

You will probably need to talk about fire safety with children more than once. This is to make sure that they have remembered and understood what you have taught them.

As a rule, younger children – around five and below – should be given clear instructions about what they should and shouldn’t do. With older children, it’s better to explain why so they can understand the danger and apply that knowledge to different situations.

As well as talking to your children, remember children learn by example. Let your children see you being sensible and careful about cooking, candles and other potential risks and practise your escape plan with them.

It is very important to keep matches and lighters out of reach of children. Children can become very interested in fire and matches. Please explain to them that it can hurt them and they must not touch them. Teach them this rhyme “matches, lighters never touch; they can hurt you very much”.

Top tips on how to keep your family fire safe Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service | Advice for parents, child carers and babysitters (dwfire.org.uk)

If your child is leaving home to live independently or go to university, you may find this information useful – Shared and rented accommodation.

If you are concerned that your child is playing with fire, firesetting, or you are worried about the interest they are showing in fire, we are able to offer help and advice – see Fire Safety Intervention.

If you have a child who is worried or concerned about a potential fire, we are able to offer help and advice via our Fire Safety Intervention scheme.

If there has been a fire, you may find this resource useful to help engage in a conversation with younger children. After a Fire (office.com) If they are still upset or worried please do contact us for further help and advice via our Fire Safety Intervention scheme.

If your child has had a DWISE visit from the fire and rescue service in Reception, Key Stage 1 or 2, you should have received some information, emailed from the school, to help you discuss the safety information with your child. If you did not, please contact your school. There is a prize draw with a chance to win a VIP trip to a fire station for the winning child and £50 book token for their school.

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