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DWISE: Safety stories and activities library

DWISE Safety Stories and activities

The DWISE Safety Stories Library is designed for younger children to listen to stories with a safety message, then discuss the safety messages and what they have learnt.

These stories can be used in school and other educational group settings as well as individually with children at home.

Clicking on the link below each story will take you to a “Microsoft Sway” page, this can be viewed on any device with internet connection. On this page you can play the video to watch and listen to the story, following this there are some questions to discuss with the children. Just click on each question, then a picture clue will appear, followed by the answer and a safety tip.

Once you have finished each sway, close to return to this page to open another story. You will find activities based around the stories further down this page.

Cartoon image of three children stood with their parents and grandparents alongside three firefighters in front of a fire engine on a fire station
Meet the family: find out all about different members of the Smith family. Who likes the same fruit as you?  What is their favourite exercise?



A man wearing oven gloves, holding an oven dish next to two children a cat and a dog with text reading "Dad's Dinner".Dad’s Dinner: Mum goes out leaving Dad to cook dinner, what could go wrong? Use this story to discuss taking care in the kitchen, smoke alarms and the ‘Get out, Stay out and Call 999’ message. Read by Firefighter Paul.



A man holding a phone which reads "nine nine nine" on the screen.But What If? After the fire when Dad cooked dinner, Lilly gets worried about what could have happened. The family are invited to visit the fire station and the firefighters help her understand the many ways her family and the fire and rescue service are helping to keep her safe. Use this story to look in more depth at escape plans and understand what happens when you call 999. Read by Sarah, a fire control room operator.


Cartoon image from the story "Safe by the River" of a water rescue team, saving a dog and two children. Safe by the River: The family go for a walk to the river with Jack the dog and discover what to do when someone falls in. Use this story to discuss how to stay safe near water and what to do if someone gets scared in the water. Read by actress Zoe Wanamaker, CBE.


Cartoon image from the story "Safe by the sea" of lifeguards stood on the back of a truck reading "RNLI" on the beach, surrounded by a variety of flags..Safe by the Sea: The family go to the beach for the day with Grandma and Grandad and have lots of fun at the seaside. Use this story to discuss safe behaviour at the beach, including near cliffs and what to do if someone gets scared in the water. Read by Sharron Davies, MBE, Olympic swimmer


A cartoon lizard looking out over burning heathland Sam’s Sad Day: Sam is a sand lizard living with the other animals on the heathland. One day their world is turned upside down when a fire starts. Use this story to discuss the importance of looking after wildlife and making sure we are fire safe. Read by Firefighter Paul. https://sway.office.com/b4SaEL5B5ldMc0qR

Two children blowing out candles on a birthday cake.The Birthday Cake Mistake: Ben and Katy find some matches and try to make their own birthday cake. Use this story to discuss the importance of not touching matches, smoke alarms and escape plans. Read by Firefighter Christian.


Grandad holding a pack of sparklers alongside two children in woolly hats.Bonfire Night: The children are looking forward to Bonfire night but sadly the firework displays have been cancelled so Grandad suggests having a bonfire and fireworks in the garden. Use this story to discuss the importance of being safe around bonfires and fireworks. Please note: this story has been adapted for Covid 19 social distancing and the cancellation of professionally organised events. DWFRS advice you attend organised events, they are a lot safer, and the firework displays are more spectacular too! Read by Firefighter Paul


A family stood outside in the snow, alongside two firefighters holding a smoke alarm in front of a fire engine. It was the Lights Before Christmas: The children are looking forward to Christmas and Grandad has arrived with the tree to decorate! Use this story to remind children about fire safety especially with extra items such as Christmas tree lights and candles in the home during this festive period. Read by Firefighter Paul and special guest!


If you would like to read the stories yourself, they can be found here:

Activities to do after you have listened to the stories:

Firefighter numbers and words fun:

Fire Safety at home: Dad’s dinner and But What if?

Safe by the Water (Safe by the River and Safe by the Sea):

For more information on water safety please visit

RNLI lower primary youth education resources (age 3–7).

Drowning Prevention Week | Home | Royal Life Saving Society UK ( RLSS UK )

To find lifeguarded beaches Lifeguarded Beaches – Find Your Nearest Lifeguarded Beach (rnli.org)

Fire safety outdoors:

If you want to know more about the wildlife in your area you could visit the Dorset Heaths Partnership website. or one of the following:

Arts and crafts videos

Firefighter Paul has lots of different crafty ideas in his Glue and make videos;

FF Tom template

FF Alice template

Healthy Firefighters

Firefighters need to stay fit and healthy. They do lots of exercise and try to drink plenty of water and eat healthy food.

Because they eat healthily, they know it is ok to sometimes have a treat. What is your favourite treat?



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