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22nd June, 2022 - 1.27pm: At 1.27pm we received a call to a wooden shed on fire in Clayford Aven...Read more

22nd June, 2022 - 1.24pm: At 1.24pm we received a call to alarms activating in a residential pro...Read more

Application form

Before you make an application to be an on-call firefighter, please make contact with our On-Call Support Officers [[email protected]] for an informal chat about what the job involves, the level of commitment you will need to make, and what this means alongside your family life and any other employment – please make sure you provide your name and the station you are interested in joining.

Once you’ve had an informal discussion with our On-Call Support Officers, and they have confirmed that your application would be of interest to us, you can make a formal application online.

When submitting an application, you will be asked to choose one station to apply for (you cannot apply for more than one at this stage). This will need to be close to where you live or work – please have a conversation with us about your location.

You can see more about how busy your local fire station is, and the earnings potential, by looking for the relevant location here.

Please note, Springbourne, Westbourne, Redhill Park and Westlea are crewed by wholetime firefighters only, so do not need on-call firefighters.

If you are looking to move into the Service area, please only start your application when you know when you will be living/working in the area you are applying for.

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