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Vehicle Fire – Amesbury

Date: 3rd December, 2017

Time: 01:47am

Description: DWFRS Emergency Control Room received multiple 999 calls to a report of a fire on Porton Road, Boscombe Down, Amesbury. Crews from Amesbury and Salisbury were mobilised. On arrival Amesbury requested an additional 2 pumping appliances which were mobilised from Salisbury and Andover.  This was due to several cars on fire and propane cylinders involved in fire. Police assisted residents in adjacent properties to evacuate to a safe distance. Crews extinguished 3 cars, 1 van, 1 generator and a selection of industrial crates using 6 breathing apparatus, 2 main jets, 1 hose reel jet, a ground monitor and thermal image camera. Fire investigation has taken place.

Location: Porton Road, Amesbury, United Kingdom

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