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Property Fire – Kingshill, Swindon

Date: 31st March, 2021

Time: 8.51am

Description: Pumps from Westlea and Swindon were mobilised to a report of a fire in a domestic property on William Street, Kingshill, Swindon. On arrival, crews found there was a fire involving a pan on a hob in the ground floor kitchen and used two breathing apparatus, one hose reel jet, a safety jet and a thermal imaging camera to extinguish the fire. Positive pressure ventilation was utilised to clear the smoke logging. Two persons had self evacuated before the arrival of the crews and an ambulance attended to check them over as they were suffering from smoke inhalation. One of the casualties was transferred to hospital. The property was checked for further fire spread by the attending crews.

Location: William Street, Swindon, UK

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