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House fire – Poole

Date: 2nd July, 2019

Time: 2:42pm

Description: Five crews and an aerial appliance attended a property fire in Poole where a fire spread from a gardens to a neighbouring house. It was extinguished by crews using four breathing apparatus wearers, two hose reel jets and two main lines. Station Manager Graham Kewley said: “This has been a very bad fire, where a bonfire in one garden has spread rapidly and caused extensive damage to a neighbour’s house, despite the best efforts of our firefighters. We would urge anyone intending to have a bonfire during such dry conditions to think twice; however, if they must go ahead, we ask that they ensure it is well away from fencing and hedges, and to stay with it at all times, with a water supply to hand. As we have seen here, bonfires can get out of control very easily and, when they spread to property, can lead to the loss of precious possessions and potentially even lives. Thankfully, there were no injuries suffered on this occasion.” Further advice on staying fire safe outdoors can be found at www.dwfire.org.uk/safety-outdoors  

Location: Cranbrook Road, Poole, UK

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