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SPECTRA is a development programme that uses firefighting activities and the mentoring role of DWFRS staff to encourage, support and develop life and work skills within a positive environment.  Our courses offer an engaging programme of activity with individualised learning plans that provide challenge and support to gain new skills, confidence, self-worth and a positive plan for their next steps.

Our key objectives are to:

Encourage participants from across our diverse community to participate in SPECTRA and develop confidence and self-esteem within an inclusive environment.

Establish links with the community and partner organisations.

Deliver a series of messages regarding fire, road and water safety.

Who is SPECTRA for?

We work with partner organisations to ensure we are targeting those individuals who will benefit most from this unique experience including local Schools, Councils, Social Care Teams and local charities supporting vulnerable people in our communities.

If you would like to discuss the potential of commissioning a SPECTRA course for a specific group, please get in touch with your local Youth Intervention Coordinator (contact details at bottom of page).

SPECTRA Youth Courses

SPECTRA courses for young people up to the age of 18, are tailored to the individual group’s need, and examples can include those experiencing difficulties with mental health and wellbeing, young people at risk of exclusion from school or those experiencing social exclusion through disability or care responsibilities.

These courses are built around practical firefighting activity days with wellbeing elements embedded through the week alongside classroom based sessions with content based around emergency first aid and encouraging learners to think about the consequences of their actions and how they can make themselves and others safer.

SPECTRA Adult Courses

In addition to our SPECTRA courses for young people, we also provide bespoke courses for over 18’s. These courses are commissioned by a variety of partners and include Swindon Borough Council’s Adult Community Learning (ACL) Team.  These courses engage with referrals from a variety of partners including Gloucester House, DWP, Booth House, Medaille Trust and The Harbour Project.

The aims of these courses are similar to those for young people, but with an emphasis on the participants developing employability related skills, supporting their mental health and wellbeing, working together as a team and receiving advice and guidance from the mentoring role provided by the firefighter instructors.

What can I expect from a SPECTRA course?

SPECTRA offers learners the opportunity to gain an AQA Award in Fire Service Training, consisting of activities including:

In addition, our SPECTRA courses for adults, offer additional classroom-based elements which may include content such as Wellbeing, Employability Skills or First Aid.  Subjects covered are designed in partnership with the commissioning agency to fit with their learners needs.

Where is SPECTRA held?

SPECTRA is held at designated fire stations and courses are run by trained, operational firefighters and a Youth Intervention Coordinator who work together to share their knowledge and skills.

Our primary SPECTRA stations include Trowbridge, Warminster, Salisbury, Swindon, Ferndown, Dorchester, Weymouth and Blandford.

What are the benefits of the programme?

The individual benefits of SPECTRA differ depending on the client group, however, the primary aim is to provide an experience based on the core ethics of the Fire and Rescue Service as this encourages self-confidence and improved teamwork.

The programme is designed to challenge learners to:

For more information on SPECTRA courses, please contact our Youth Intervention Coordinators:

Dorset – Marianne Gerety – [email protected] or call 07798 580520

Wiltshire – Nev Chamberlain – [email protected] or call 07825 273342

Swindon – Nicky Parker – [email protected] or call 07771 773725

You can find SPECTRA on Facebook and https://twitter.com/SPECTRADWFRS

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