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What Do Firefighters Do?

Have you ever wondered what firefighters do?

This video made by Play Mobil and London Fire Brigade shows you some of the sorts of rescues that firefighters do.

Would you like to sing along? You can find the words to the “What Do Firefighters Do?” song HERE.

When you have watched the video have a go at some of our fun activities.

If you have toy firefighters why not set up your own rescues? You could even take a photo or make your own video if you are able. Ask a grown up to share on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Don’t forget – the person who needs help must call 999 on their phone (don’t use a real phone though!)

Would you like to make your own firefighters?

We can even teach you how to draw your own fire engine! Watch the video below to learn how:

Could you be a firefighter? Look at our list of what a firefighter has to be like to see if you can behave like a firefighter:

Watch our Fledging Firefighters rescue Stanley the Bunny. Remember if your smoke alarm beeps: Get out, Stay out and Call 999

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