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Sam’s Sad Day

Sam is a sand lizard who lives on the heathlands of Dorset. One day something sad happens to Sam and his friends.

You can hear Firefighter Paul read Sam’s Sad Day or read it here.

When you have read or listened to the story, we have lots of fun activities for you to do.

Sam and his friends have some questions to ask you.

Someone has muddled the story up; can you put it in the correct order?

There was a lot going on in the story; can you remember who said what?

The heathlands are very colourful places; can you find lots of lovely colours?

The characters in the story are based on real animals found on the heathlands. Can you match the characters with the real animals ?

Can you match the animals with the facts?

Can you make your own Animal Fact File?

Check back soon for videos that will teach how how to draw a lizard and a butterfly!

Here are some of the characters to colour:

Here are some other colouring sheets for you:

Sam’s sad day was caused by a fire on the heathland which destroyed his home. Sam’s story was set on the heathlands, but fires happen all over the countryside and even in parks. Fires can quickly get out of control and destroy lots of different plants and animals. It is really sad when this happens so firefighters are asking everyone to be really careful when people are out for their exercise in the countryside or parks. Do not light fires such as bonfires or BBQs and if someone smokes, they must be careful with their cigarettes. Never ever play with matches or lighters.

We have had a lot of fires the last few weeks caused by BBQs, campfires and bonfires. Including a really big one in Wareham Forest in Dorset. We need adults to help us by not having BBQs unless it is really safely in their garden.

Watch the “Hot Dog” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAx5SkpygtE in the story “Burn More Than Bangers” to see why it is important for wildlife to be very careful with BBQs.

Here are some Hot Dog colouring sheets for you to do to remind you of the importance of being safe with BBQs, campfires and bonfires in the countryside. If you are going out for the day; take a picnic not a BBQ.

We are very thankful to Litter Free Dorset for allowing us to use the video and art work


Because everyone is at home lots of people are doing gardening. The firefighters are asking that people do not light bonfires at the moment. Bonfires can quickly get out of control and then the firefighters have to come and put them out before they cause too much damage. Please ask your grown ups not to light bonfires in their gardens at the moment.

If you are outside for your daily exercise remember to be a C19 Mini Superhero and just like Kobi,  Keep Your Distance away from people not living with you.

Why not make your own poster to encourage people to be careful with bonfires in their gardens or to be careful when out in the countryside. Ask your grown ups to send a copy of your poster to us.

For more information about outdoor fires, read the FireKills Outdoor fire safety leaflet or watch our video with firefighter Paul about heath fire safety:

There is more information on our website here

If you would like to know more about the wildlife in your area you could look at these websites:

Have you met Firefighter Alex? He is worried about outdoor fires but he has some good safety tips and healthy eating ideas for you, plus a great exercise.

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