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Safe by the Sea

There is lots of fun to be had at the seaside, but we need to be very careful as well.

Tim, Lilly and the rest of the family have decided to go to the seaside for the day. Listen to Sharron Davies MBE read the story of Safe by the Sea and find out what happened on their seaside adventure. You can read along with the story too. Can you spot Sally Starfish on every page?

Thank you to Sharron for reading the story! Sharron Davies MBE has won lots of medals for her swimming, including at the Olympics. She knows how important it is to be safe near, in and on water; and she also knows it is important to eat healthy foods and stay fit. Her favourite sport is swimming. What is your favourite sport or activity to keep fit and active?  Would you like to do our Firefighter challenges? We have lots of different firefighters telling you about their favourite heathy foods and exercises. Can you do their firefighter challenges? This week’s firefighter is Jake.

You may not be able to go to the seaside now because we all need to be C19 heroes and keep ourselves safe from the virus. But if you are lucky to be able to visit a safe beach where you can stay 2 metres away from other people, you need to be extra specially careful because the lifeguards are not at work at the moment. In the story the lifeguards Ann and John explain to Tim and Lilly the importance of going to a lifeguarded beach and swimming between the red and yellow flags. If there are no flags then there are no lifeguards and so if you go near the water everyone needs to be very very careful.

Can you get through the Safe by the Sea Maze to the red and yellow flags without going near the red flags?

This week is the Royal Lifesaving Society UK’s Drowning Prevention Week. Parents, carers and educators, you may like to visit their website for further information.

Once the lifeguards are able to get back to the beach, they will use different flags to mean different things. Can you match the flag to the meanings?  To find out more about beach flags and lifeguards visit the Royal National Lifeguard Intuition website where they have lots of interesting information and activities for you to do.


It is very important to always THINK before you go into water or if you are playing near water. Make sure an adult knows it is safe before you go near the water.

If you get in trouble in the water; you fall in or become unsure when you are swimming you must FLOAT. Lie on your back with your face so you can see the sky then spread your arms and legs out like a starfish. When you are calm shout for help.

Never go into the water to rescue someone – call 999 and ask for the coastguard if at the seaside or the fire and rescue service if inland. Encourage them to float on their backs and if you can, without putting yourself in danger, throw them something that floats to hold onto.



The lifeguards Ann and John told the children how important it is to stay safe in the water and to swim between the red and yellow flags where the lifeguards will be watching to make sure they are safe and no surfboards or boats are allowed.



You don’t always know how deep the water is, or what is under the water so people should never jump into the water off piers, rocks etc. Water is cold and can make your body go into “cold water shock” if you jump in. Always enter the water carefully once an adult has told you it is ok to.

In Dorset we are really lucky to have some amazing cliffs. But rocks can fall from the cliffs. Please do not climb on the cliffs or sit under them.


Grandad wanted to go out on his old inflatable dingy but Mum and Grandma told him not to. It is not safe to use inflatables in the sea as the wind and tide can quickly float you out to sea.


Grandad has tried to re-tell the story but he has got all muddled up and is telling it in the wrong order. Can you help him out and put the pictures in the right order and either tell someone the story or write a sentence by each one to explain the story. Try Safe by the Sea Sequencing and see if you can fill in the missing words

Do this Safe By the Sea quiz to check everyone has understood how to stay safe at the seaside.

If you are going to the beach you need to make sure you have suncream and a sun hat as well as plenty of water to drink. Use this checklist to make sure you have everything when Packing a beach bag. Even if you cant go to the seaside now you could pack a bag and pretend. If you are going to the beach, or can remember when you have been have a go at Beach Bingo, see if you can find or remember seeing these things at the beach.

If you can’t go to the beach you could make your own! Ask an adult to help you to make one area the “beach” and one area “the sea”. You could put a blanket down and have a picnic on your “beach”. Use building blocks to build “sandcastles”. Make or find some sea creatures to find. You could put them in a pillow case and pretend they are in a rock pool and “fish” them out. Don’t forget to put them back in the “water” when you have had a look! You can then go for a pretend swim. Why not make some flags to remember to swim between them? Practice your FLOAT move so you know what to do if you ever get in trouble in the water.

Sally the Starfish and the lifeguards have a message for everyone but someone has written it in code! Can you help work it out? Are you a Codebreaker by the Sea?

You could write an Acrostic Poem about the seaside or do the Safe by the sea Wordsearch? Can you Count the Characters and see how many of each there are?

There is lots of interesting wildlife at the seaside. You could find out about some and fill in the Seaside Factfile. Sharks are very interesting creatures found in the sea; can you put the Life cycle of a shark in the right order?  Firefighter Paul shows you how to make a crab in this week’s Glue and Make.

We have lots of colouring sheets for you to do:

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