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No Dragons For Tea

We are really lucky to have Jean E Pendziwol read her amazing story “No Dragons for Tea” for you. She wrote this story to help her own little girl understand the importance of fire safety without being scared. Fire can be scary; but this story and all the fun activities on the website will show you how you can make sure you and your family are safe.

When you have listened to the story the Dragon has some questions for you:

In the story the smoke alarm rang and made a “loud piercing sound”. Smoke alarms are like noses: they sniff for smells. But unlike a nose a smoke alarm is only interested in the smell of smoke. If the smoke alarm smells smoke it will beep loudly “Beep Beep Beep!”



How many smoke alarms do you have in your home?

To check the smoke alarm is working it needs to be tested, ask a grown up to help you test your smoke alarms to check they beep.  Colour in this picture of dragon with a smoke alarm to help you and your family remember to test your smoke alarms.

When they heard the smoke alarm in the story, everyone knew it meant they needed to “get out fast”. If you hear your smoke alarm you need to follow your ESCAPE PLAN. Ask your grown up what they would like you to do if the smoke alarm beeps. You need to carefully GET OUT of your home, going your normal way out if it is safe.

The mum and the girl knew “we must meet by the tree”. It is a good idea to have a meeting point outside of your home so that you know everyone is outside and safe.



You could draw your escape plan so everyone in your home knows what to do.



Can you remember why the dragon tried to go back inside? It was because he had forgotten his bear. The girl said something very important to him “ Don’t ever go back – that just will not do. We can get a new bear, but we can’t replace you”

The firefighters will try their hardest to put the fire out and rescue your things. You must all always STAY OUT

Do you know the telephone number to call for help in an emergency?

999 – this is the number for the fire and rescue service, the ambulance, the police and the coastguard. The person at the other end of the telephone will ask you the address of where help is needed and what the problem is.

If you ever have to call 999 make sure you listen carefully and answer calmly and slowly and do as the person on the other end asks you.

999 is only ever to be called in a real emergency

Do you know your address? Ask your grown ups to help you learn it.

The Dragon has made you a “My Fire Safety Scrap Page”, where you can ask an adult to help you quickly note down information about your home to help make sure you are safe.

The dragon is very proud of being able to breathe smoke and fire, although as we heard in the story, it does have its problems! You must never ever try to be like a dragon and make fire. Only grown ups and dragons should do that. Remember if you see any matches or lighters never touch them.

The dragon has made a picture for you to colour in:

If clothes ever do catch fire remember

STOP – stand really still

DROP – drop to the ground

ROLL – roll around to put the flames out and call for help.

The dragon keeps forgetting the order – can you help him?

The Dragon has lots of other fun activities for you to do:

Like these wordsearches and secret codes

If you like numbers have a go at these activity sheets:

The Dragon loves poems, he loves this one that Jake has written for him about firefighters:

Would you like to write some poems? You could use these worksheets for some ideas:

Firefighter Poem

Fire Engine Poem 

Smoke Alarm Poem

Stay Out Poem

Escape Plan Poem

Dragon Poem



If you like art you could make your own paper plate dragon and have a look to see what Firefighter Paul has made this week on Glue and Make:


The Dragon, the girl and mum were all enjoying their tea. Can you remember what they ate?


It was Carrots, apples, ham, home made biscuits and strawberry jam and nice cold milk to drink. What do you like to eat? It is important to stay healthy like Healthy Holly one of the Covid 19 Mini Superheroes


You can also get some healthy eating ideas from our Firefighters. Each week we meet a different firefighter who will give you tips to stay healthy and safe and also set you a challenge – can you beat Firefighter Brian this week?

You can watch our other Firefighter Challenges on our Be Fire Fit Page!

We would love to see your work, so please ask your adults to send it to us. Your grown ups can find out how here.

We are very grateful to Jean E Pendziwol and Kids Can Press for allowing us to share the Dragon’s story. He has been on other adventures and written about them too!

All four books are available from good bookstores


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