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My Mummy is a firefighter

Picture in your mind, or draw; a firefighter, a builder, a farmer and a fighter jet pilot.

You may have drawn a lady for some of them, but most people will think of a man doing these jobs.

This is called gender stereotyping. It is when we think that only a man or a lady can do or should do a certain job.

If you are interested in some great stories for young children challenging genger sterotyping check out My Mummy is a Firefighter and other titles published by https://www.butterflybooks.uk/)

Lots of people think there are jobs which only men can or should do.

We want you to know that you should dream of being anything you want to be, whether you are a boy or a girl.  What job would you like to have? Can you draw a picture or write about it?

Rosie (age 7) has a firefighter for a mum, and a dad who is a police officer. When she was asked to write about “heroes” at school she wrote about them.

Can you think of someone who does a brilliant job?

Do you want to help people, or invent things, or build things or be an explorer?

We know that there are lots of people being heroes at the moment like all the people who are helping the poorly people such as the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other hospital staff; all the shopworkers and the farmers making sure we have food; the bin collectors making sure the rubbish is taken away; the teachers looking after the children who have to go to school… there are lots of heroes helping us at the moment. You are be a hero too! Check out our C19 Mini Superheroes

Check out  “My Mummy is a firefighter“, read by Firefighter Magdalena about a little girl who’s Mummy has an amazing job as a firefighter. (Adults: if you want to buy this, or any other books in this series, they are published by https://www.butterflybooks.uk/)

Meet the Firefighter this week is Firefighter Ann. Ann is one of our fantastic female firefighters and is also a mummy! Can you do her firefighter challenge this week?

Do you know when the first female firefighter joined the fire and rescue service? Or the first British woman is space? Use the First Woman timeline to find out more about the first time a woman was allowed to do certain jobs.

Can you find anymore “First Woman” to do a job?

What would you like to do when you are older?

Can you match these mummies with their job?

You can find out more about what firefighters do here

Lots of people still say “Fireman” not “Firefighter”. One girl wants to be a firefighter but thought she couldn’t, so lots of female firefighters joined together to show her she could be:


Here are some children from Yorkshire talking about what makes their firefighter mums special:


We believe you can dream to be whatever you want to be; it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl.

Could you be a firefighter? Have a look at our poster:

Can you think of a time when you have shown that you are good at each one? When you have colour in the poster for that quality:


Make your own Firefighter Fact Sheets! Can you give each of our female firefighters a name, decide their favourite food, their important safety message, their favourite exercise and a firefighter fact? We have some suggestions, or you could make up your own.

Our female firefighters have been asked to stand in groups, can you add up how many there are?

This week Firefighter Paul will show you how to make a your own firefighter’s torch!

We would love to see your work about firefighters – you can find out how on our Parents and Carers page.

The families of our Dorset and Wiltshire female firefighters are incredibly proud of them:


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