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Rainbows and Grandparents

As a C19 Mini Superhero it is important that as well as looking after yourself you look after others in your family.

Tuesday 12th May is the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale who is famous for developing modern nursing. She is also known as the lady of the lamp.

To celebrate her anniversary, and to say thank you to nurses all over the world who are helping poorly and injured people we are being asked to “shine a light” on Tuesday evening.  Why not find out more about “The Lady of the Lamp” – there is lots of information on the internet: https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/history/general-history/florence-nightingale/

You could say thank you to nurses by making your own picture of a candle or lamp and putting in your window.

Remember: Real Candles should not be put on window sills or near curtains. Only adults should use or touch candles and they must be very careful.

It is strange and sad that we can not see our family and friends like normal, but hopefully you are able to telephone or video call some of them.

Sometimes Grandparents can get a little forgetful, so please make sure they are safe when you speak to them.

We have made you a C19 Mini Superhero Grandparent check list to help you check they are safe.

As a C19 Mini Superhero you can help keep others safe as well as yourself. Use these colouring sheets to remind yourself what to ask the older people you know (like Grandparents), when you talk to them on the phone. Or you could colour them in and post to them with a little letter from you:

Some children are even sending letters to older people who are in care homes or live nearby so they have something to read and are not lonely.  You could colour in one of the pictures and write a little note on the back saying hello. Ask your grown-ups for help with this.

Please ask your grown up to help you call your Grandparents and ask them the questions to check they are safe.

Adult: if you are concerned about fire safety please click here.

Many Paramedics, Doctors, nurses and all the people who work in hospitals are working really hard to look after the poorly people. All these people are part of the National Health Service, often called the NHS.

There are lots of “key workers” who are being very brave and working very hard to make sure we are all safe in our home. As well as the paramedics, Doctors, nurses and other people who work in the hospitals, there are the carers who look after people who need help in their home or care home; shopkeepers and shop workers making sure your grown-ups can buy food; the bin collectors making sure the rubbish isn’t left lying around; the farmers growing the food for us; the people working to turn the food the farmers grow into food we can eat;  the bus and train drivers making sure the “key workers” can get to work safely;  the police officers and firefighters making sure we are safe;  the postmen and postwomen and delivery men and women who are making sure parcels are delivered….. lots and lots of people being very brave to make sure we are safe and can stay at home.

To say “Thank you”, people have been making rainbows to put in their windows and on their doors.

Even Blaze Bear is making them and he wants you to join in too!

Ask an adult to help you print out one of our special C19 Hero Rainbows:

Or, you could colour in your own?




On Thursday people are clapping to say “Thank you” to all the carers.  Click here to watch an episode of Glue and Make where firefighter Paul will show you how to make a special hat to wear.



Why not make a Lego rainbow like this one? Can you think of anything else you could make one out of?


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