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Easter Fun 2021

It’s the Easter Holidays!


If you are feeling crafty have a go at making some Easter Bunny Ears to wear or a chick in an egg. Watch Firefighter Paul’s Easter Special Glue and Make video to find out how. Glue and Make with Firefighter Paul: Easter Special! – YouTube

Make and Bake with Firefighter Paul: Cinnamon Sweet Fire Hose

We also have some lovely posters and colouring sheets for you to print off and colour:


Colouring Sheets

Why don’t you draw and colour your own Easter eggs on paper, card or maybe even paint some stones and hide them around the house for someone else to find?

Fitness challenges

Eaten lots of chocolate? What a lovely treat! Have a go at some of our “Meet the firefighter” fire fit challenges and use up some energy!

Road Safety

During the school holidays, hopefully with warmer, sunnier days and with lockdown restrictions changing, you and your family may take the opportunity to get outside more.

Remember though – lots of other people maybe thinking the same and there maybe many more cars on the road than you have been used to recently.

Have a look at the information on this page and find the answers to this quiz to be in with a chance to win a Playmobil fire vehicle! (Terms and conditions can be found here)

Adverts to help children learn to cross the road have been made for many years. Can the adults remember any of these? How Far We’ve Come | THINK! Road Safety – YouTube

“Tales of the road”

As we come out of lockdown, traffic will increase on our roads, combined with more freedom for children to be out and about, it is really important that children understand how they can help keep themselves safe. On this page we will be sharing tips and activities to help keep everyone safe when they are using the roads.

Have a look at this interactive “Tales of the Road” booklet to see how much you remember about being safe on or near the road. Tales of the Road (think.gov.uk)

Road Traffic Collisions

Firefighters attend Road Traffic Collisions which they call “RTCs”, to help rescue people from the vehicles.

Watch Firefighter Paul demonstrate how the equipment is used here, or watch a Virtual Tour of Christchurch Fire Station.

Our fledgling firefighters have been called to help out as the toys have had a collision in their car! Luckily everyone is ok, but you could use this video to show young children and talk about the importance of always wearing their seatbelt.

The firefighters who drive the fire appliances (fire engines) are specially trained. They have to pass the same test that lorry drivers do, and then get even more special training in driving the fire engine in an emergency.

Did you know?

In special circumstances, emergency vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances and police cars are allowed to drive through red lights and over zebra crossings even when there is someone waiting to cross?

When you are going to cross the road or walking or cycling along the road or pavement, if you hear sirens, stay back and stay safe. Firefighter Stuart explains what it’s like being the driver of a fire engine and how it is important to “stay back and stay safe”.

When in any vehicle, it is really important that everyone wears a seatbelt, and if necessary, children must sit on a correctly sized and fitted children’s car seat.  While children are in a vehicle, it’s easy to check they are wearing their seatbelt. BUT, they’re more independent when they are pedestrians, cycling and scooting. The THINK! website offers lots of fun activities to help explain how to be safer on the roads.

Below are some of the resources they have for younger children up to key stage 1 and Key stage 2 children:

Foundation and Key Stage 1 age children:

Parents and carers; helping your child learn how to be safe on or near the roads is a very important life skill that needs to be started at a young age, so by the time your child is more independent road safety is part of their lives.

This story of Ted’s Tumble can be used to explain to younger children the importance of wearing their seatbelt teds_tumble_2017_v1 (think.gov.uk)

Fire engines, ambulances and police cars have special yellow stripes and patches on, along with their bright flashing lights these florescent yellow areas are to help them be seen.

The brighter they are, the more likely they are to be seen. The same goes for you!

Even though the evenings are becoming lighter, it is still important to “be bright, be seen”.

Can you spot who is wearing nice bright clothing at the zebra crossing?

Can you colour Az in nice bright clothing to wear while he is out on his bike?

What safe behaviour can you see at the crossing?

Did you know?

Fire engines and other emergency vehicles are allowed to sometimes drive through a red light. Even if the crossing man is green, Stop, look and listen. If you can hear sirens or see an emergency vehicles do not cross. Stay back and stay safe.

What safe behaviour can you see at the zebra crossing?

Did you know?

Fire engines and other emergency vehicles driving to an emergency do not always have to stop and zebra crossings. Always stop, look, listen and think before you cross any road, but if you hear sirens or see emergency vehicles then stay back and stay safe. Cross when they have gone past and it is safe to do so.

Key Stage 2:

If you are old enough, and your parent/carer is happy for you to do so, you maybe having more independent journeys without an adult, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, or it maybe something your parent/carer is thinking of letting you do soon.

It is really important that you always think of your safety when you are near roads and traffic. It is easy to forget about your safety, especially if you are in a hurry, distracted or with a group of friends. Remember the roads are getting busier as lockdown measures change and you need to be aware of your safety.

Can you remember the first time you were allowed to walk or cycle somewhere without an adult?

Always expect the unexpected! Be prepared and stay safe when using the roads.

Jack explains how he makes sure he is safe on his bike either out on his own or riding with his mates.

As responsible parents and carers, you’ll recognise the importance of us all keeping safe on the road. Why not take a few minutes to check out our digital “Back on the road” leaflets here.

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