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Awards ceremony 2021

Sadly, the continued challenges of the Covid pandemic meant that this year’s Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service awards ceremony was held virtually.

Long Service and Good Conduct Medals are usually presented on behalf of HM The Queen by the Lord-Lieutenants of Dorset and Wiltshire.

While this couldn’t happen face-to-face, the Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset, Mr Angus Campbell; the Deputy Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mr David Scott; the High Sheriff of Dorset, Mr Michael Dooley; and the High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Sir Charles Hobhouse Bt, joined other guests at an on-line ceremony held on 9 September for those able to attend.

2021 recipients of Long Service and Good Conduct medals are as follows:

Firefighter Stephen Allen (Bere Regis on-call), Firefighter Benjamin Avery (Mere on-call), Crew Manager Nicholas Barnard (Ludgershall on-call), Firefighter Glen Barnett (Blandford on-call), Crew Manager Stephen Biggs (Ferndown on-call), Firefighter Michael Blair (Weymouth), Firefighter Matthew Blay (Swindon), Firefighter Samuel Brown (Swindon), Firefighter Edwin Button (Chippenham on-call), Firefighter Paul Cobb (Trowbridge), Firefighter George Cole (Hamworthy on-call), Fraser Drummond (retired Watch Manager, Fire Safety), Firefighter Gregory Dyer (Stratton on-call), Watch Manager Joanne Evans (Operational Training), Firefighter Gareth Francis (Swindon), Watch Manager Allan Frias -Robles (Springbourne), Watch Manager Martyn Gollop (Redhill Park), Crew Manager Neil Griffiths (Sherborne on-call), Watch Manager Paul Hanlon (Swindon), Crew Manager Robert Harris (Fire Safety), Firefighter Colin Hatcher (Gillingham on-call), Firefighter Heidi Hawley (Christchurch), Odran Healy (retired Firefighter, Corsham on-call), Crew Manager Stuart Hillier (Pewsey on-call), Firefighter David Hitch (Sherborne on-call), Wayne Jennings (retired Firefighter, Poole), Firefighter James Lonnen (Westbourne);

Crew Manager Darren Masini (Calne on-call, also Watch Manager, Swindon), Firefighter Warren Matthews (Swindon), Firefighter Richard Messer (Weymouth), Firefighter Wayne Miller (Wimborne on-call), Katharine Morgan (Fleet Administrator), Crew Manager Peter Neilson (Redhill Park), Watch Manager Anne Newell (Weymouth), Crew Manager Graeme Pashley (Westbourne), Watch Manager Mark Phillips (Salisbury), Firefighter David Prosser (Swanage on-call), Crew Manager Michelle Rodway (Dorchester on-call), Control Firefighter Davina ‘Dee’ Russell (Fire Control), Firefighter Lee Ryan (Weymouth), Firefighter Daniel Sallows (Weymouth), Crew Manager Mark Singleton (Salisbury on-call), Firefighter Andrew Smith (Swindon), Crew Manager Simon Spicer (Dorchester on-call), Hannah Tompkins (Communications Officer), Firefighter Graham Tucker (Trowbridge), Station Manager David Waters (Fire Safety), Paul Webb (retired Firefighter, Trowbridge), Firefighter Steven Weston (Warminster on-call).

CFO Ben Ansell has also presented long service certificates for over 40 years of service: to Christina Irving (Fire Control) and Watch Manager Pete Crow (Chippenham on-call).

As in previous years, Making a Difference Awards have been presented:

Young Achiever Awards will be received by Alex Harper, of Dorset fire cadets, and Kieran Tilling, of Swindon fire cadets.

Paul Ackerman, of Bathroom Inspirations Ltd, has been awarded On-Call Employer of the Year for his support to Dorchester fire station.

Certificates and letters of commendation have also been presented to staff from across the Service for their support and hard work during the pandemic response.

Chief Fire Officer’s Commendations will also be presented in the coming months.

Our thanks go to our sponsors for supporting our awards ceremony.

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