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Age is one of the 9 protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, and as a Service we have considered what provisions we can offer to meet the needs of our communities across all age groups, as well as what we can do internally to support our workforce and prevent any form of age discrimination occurring.

As a Fire and Rescue Service we are about helping the members of our communities to become safer, healthier and to live more independently. Improving the wellbeing of our communities and investing in our future generations is a top priority for us.

So how do we do this?

In our Communities


Like many counties across the country both Dorset and Wiltshire have ageing populations so the demand for these services is ever increasing. Our Safe and Well Advisors and Duty Crews have been specifically trained to provide a person-centred visit, which expands beyond only identifying fire risks but also considering health and wellbeing issues, taking a more holistic approach to reducing risk. Our staff will not only sign post individuals but also seek to immediately identify and reduce risks where appropriate. The wishes, behaviours, needs and abilities of the individual are always at the heart of any intervention.

It is not just the elderly who require input from the Fire Service, we are also very keen to target the future generations in our communities to ensure they remain safe and healthy. We therefore deliver a range of education and intervention programmes that have been designed to support children, young adults, and their families.


Amongst our Workforce

The average age of our workforce is 42, with the largest single group aged between 46 and 55, with most of our staff being operational firefighters. Our on-call fire fighters form the largest single group of employees and have an average age of 39, this is due to the much greater level of recruitment seen in this area when compared to the wholetime workforce where the average age is 43. In contrast to the on-call element of the Service recruitment for wholetime staff is much lower and therefore we see a slower turnover of staff and an increasing average age whilst long serving members of staff work towards retirement.

Our staff profile then differs further when we look at our control operators who have an average of 40. The Service now runs an apprenticeship programme for staff joining control, whilst this is not exclusive to younger people we have found that it has attracted and provided opportunities from the younger age groups.

Our corporate staff group has the highest age profile with over 60% of our corporate workforce being over the age of 46, which is almost double that of our operational on-call firefighters where only 31% of this staff group are over the age of 46.

We recognise the ageing profile of our workforce and we support our staff through an active health and wellbeing team, including personal trainers to help staff maintain their fitness, staff networks (menopause group) and retirement information sessions.

As a service we ensure that age discrimination does not occur through a managed recruitment process, with all staff involved in the recruitment process having completed a learning package on the impacts of Unconscious Bias, and a trained HR representative being involved throughout the recruitment process to ensure a fair and consistent approach in line with policy.

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