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Taking action to make a difference

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service do much more than just fight fires, and whilst fighting fires remains a primary responsibility of the Service, it is far from our only role in the community. Fostering good relations between communities is a key role of the service and therefore offering support to those most vulnerable forms a large part of our role.

Community Safety is a top priority for the Service, our Community Safety Plan sets out our ambition over the next few years. It has five priorities: 1. Making safer and healthier choices 2. Protecting you and the environment from harm 3. Being there when you need us 4. Making every penny count. 5. Supporting and developing our people. As you can see from these priorities Prevention forms a large part of our roles and responsibilities. On an annual basis we complete a strategic assessment of risk, this helps us to identify emerging opportunities and challenges.

From this we have identified that the number of households requiring our assistance is set to rise, we therefore target the highest risk groups when completing much of our prevention work.

For example:

It isn’t just in our communities that we take action, we proactively seek to make improvements for our workforce as well. In order to obtain this feedback we run an annual survey which goes to all staff, we hold discussion forums, culture surveys and networking groups to gain staff feedback. Below are some examples of some recent actions we have taken to better support our workforce, making DWFRS a great place to work.

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