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25th November, 2021 - 08:21: Firefighters from Chippenham attended a road traffic collision involvi...Read more

Recruitment, training and selection for progression/promotion

DWFRS have ambitions to create a workforce representative of the community we serve. Diversity is recognised as a key contributor to a high performing workforce and therefore at DWFRS we use positive action to support our attraction programme. This work seeks to improve the accessibility of opportunities through better education of the careers available at DWFRS. We offer a diverse range of roles from Operational Firefighter to Head of Finance and everything in between, to learn more about our available opportunities please check our recruitment page regularly.

Training and development are a priority for DWFRS, our operational staff undertake regular training exercises to ensure operational competence, and beyond this we have development programmes both operationally and corporately for those wanting to progress. Due to the makeup of our Service we have a large on-call workforce who, similar to our wholetime staff are required to perform at the same standards, as such we acknowledge this when seeking to recruit new wholetime firefighters and regularly run transferability processes where their existing skills are taken into account.  In addition to our internal development pathways, as an approved apprenticeship provider we support staff in achieving academic qualifications alongside employment to support their career progression, we have employees studying a wide range of qualifications.

A successful approach to recruitment sits at the heart of a high performing workforce, our processes are therefore regularly reviewed to ensure they align with best practice. All of our staff involved in the recruitment process complete unconscious bias training and receive regular input and guidance from our experienced recruitment team.

More information can be found within our people strategy and our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.



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